About the Artist

As a child Ronald travelled with his mother and father's band and was exposed to a great deal of culture and art. Later, as an adult, he would retrace his steps to look up artists from his childhood for his first business, an art gallery.

In his twenties Ingram was known for curating major art shows. His first business was Gallery 1450. In the late 90s he was experimenting with digital distribution or art but bandwidths were too low and slow. From art he transitioned to finance as a financial advisor, stock broker specializing in technology and then into commercial banking and banking technology especially ecommerce.

In his thirties Ingram was experimenting with generative AI and collaborating with AI scientists to build deep language interactive chatbots that were the precursors to Siri and Alexa. By day he continued his work in banking innovation and ecommerce.

Today Ronald is collaborating with AI to co-create and curate digitally native works of art in various styles.

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